Nuga Best

Nuga means Luke-named after the Gospel writer, Luke, well known as a beloved physician and healer. Nugabest was established in Seoul, Korea under the motto “offering the finest service and utmost love to contribute to the health of mankind”. They spread its wide range of business to offshore international countries, worldwide. We continuously encourage our employees to exercise their capabilities to the fullest in order to develop a healthier future as well as contributing to the affluence of mankind.

The goal of Nugabest and Nuga Best USA is quite simple but complex - to help achieve and ensure the healthiness for mankind. In order to accomplish this ambitious humanitarian goal, the scientists and engineers of Nuga set out to create a state-of-the-art therapeutic, thermal acupressure massager. Mission accomplished! Through extensive research and development, the geniuses behind Nuga has collaborated the ancient Eastern healing arts of acupressure, massage, modern chiropractic theory, far-infrared light therapy, and modern technology.

Through our products and services, we promise to honour our contribution to the overall well being and development of a healthier life style to the human race.

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